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Creating a luxurious haven!

So you want to renovate your tired, old bathroom but have no idea where to start.

A bathroom is more than just a place to wash and prepare for the day ahead, it can be a retreat to escape to at night. For those days when your boss has been giving you a hard time, the traffic was a nightmare and you get home to the kids not listening. If this sounds familiar, click below to keep reading.


Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations and Asbestos

Many homes built prior to 1985 in Melbourne contain asbestos. Asbestos was a popular choice of building product to use because of it's fire & water resistance. What people didn't realize was the effect asbestos had on the human body.


To leave or not to leave? ………. Do it right the first time!

We’ll just keep the existing wall sheeting up!  We are just going to cement sheet over the existing plaster!  Two things a professional bathroom renovator does not want to hear!!  When undertaking a bathroom renovation there is always the temptation to take short cuts to save money.  Is it really worth saving the money at the time only to cost yourself MORE money down the track?


Bathroom renovations- the real costs

The costs to have a bathroom renovated can vary greatly, from $18,000 for a small bathroom (retaining the position of plumbing and only tiling wet areas) to as much as your imagination can take you.

Choosing a Shower Screen and your bathroom renovation

The shower screen is usually the last product to be measured in a bathroom renovation.  
This is due to the fact that the wall and floor tiles need to first be laid to be able to get an accurate measurement for the screen, especially when it comes to frameless shower screens. Frameless shower screen have very little tolerance and therefore measurements need to be spot on.


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